August 13, 2014

Bugify version 1.6.1086 – Maintenance 6

This is the sixth maintenance release of v1.6 and also includes some important security updates.

  • Fixing cURL library bug causing incorrect parsing of HTTP response in some cases.
  • Fixing issue with last user always being selected for new issues.
  • Fixing issue with default milestone in new issues.
  • Fixing CSRF issue.
  • Fixing XSS issue.
  • Fixing issue with due dates for new milestones.
  • Removing password reset token when email address has been changed.
  • Added setting to auto-set 100% complete when an issue is resolved/closed.
  • Added new permission to manage labels.
  • Added description field for projects.
  • Allowing Markdown for project/milestone descriptions.
  • Caching dashboard charts.
  • Added hidden setting to turn Gravatar on/off.
  • Added hidden setting to enable HTML email notifications.
  • Added Spanish translation.
  • Added inline image attachments (for attachments linked to a comment).

Remember – if you’re working on language files, or have any custom code – make sure to take a backup before updating! Backing up before updating is always a good idea.

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