February 6, 2013

Bugify version 1.4.791 – Maintenance release 4

This release is mostly about queue changes. Please see http://blog.bugify.com/general/queue-jobs-change.html for more info. Aside from that, this release includes a massive number of under-the-hood changes related to support for other languages. The language files are currently with the translators, and the next release will include them.


  • Fixed issue with chmod in upgrade code causing failed updates.
  • Fixed issue where queue job started date/time wasn’t being saved.
  • Fixed “cancel” link URL when editing a user – caused error for those without permission to manage users.
  • Not showing add button for projects/milestones when user doesn’t have permission.
  • New installs using MySQL should have tables created with utf8 support.

New features:

  • Using ajax for queue jobs.
  • Removed requirement for php-cli.
  • Added new API method “queue” to run queue jobs.
  • Major update to install system.
  • Further changes related to Windows support (it’s so close now!)
  • Added mysqli support (used when MySQL PDO support is not available).
  • No longer overwriting custom htaccess rules (after this update, your custom rules will be kept).
  • Reduced dropdown menu timeout from 500ms to 300ms.


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