August 13, 2014

Inline image attachments

As of v1.6.1086, image attachments will show as a thumbnail.  When you click on the image, it will show in the browser (previously it forced the browser to download it). The first time you open an old issue, some (or all) of the image attachments might not show as a thumbnail. The next page refresh should show all the thumbnails. The reason for this is because Bugify will be processing attachments the first time they’re accessed (this doesn’t apply to new attachments).

April 11, 2014

Alfred Workflow for Bugify

We love hearing how people are using Bugify – especially how they’re using the Bugify API to make life easier for themselves.

I was very pleased to find out that one of our customers, Matt from Working Concept, has written an Alfred Workflow for Bugify. Read more about it on his blog post, or check out the code on GitHub.

September 14, 2013

Notifications for all new issues

In the most recent update, we added the ability for owners to receive notifications for all new issues. This works like any other notification option, except that only users who are marked as an “owner” have the option.

By default, this new notification is turned on.

If your user account is marked as an “owner” and you don’t wish to receive emails for every new issue, please go to My Account and un-tick the “All new issues” notification option.

August 5, 2013

Sending email notifications from Bugify

Previously, the only method of sending email notifications from Bugify was via SMTP. Since v1.6.970 it is now possible to send via sendmail (using the PHP mail function). This is going to be a welcome change for those of you on shared hosting where it’s just easier to use the built-in mail function rather than finding out the hosting company SMTP settings.

Sendmail is also now the default setting which means that if you would like to keep sending email notifications via SMTP you will need to change your mail settings. Please review your mail settings after updating by going to Settings – Mail Settings.

June 30, 2013

Bugify beta

If you’re not a part of the Bugify Beta, but would like to try out new features before they’re released. Head over to to give it a try (login with demo/demo). This site works the same as the demo site, but has access to the beta channel. We released an update to the beta channel a couple of days ago adding support for labels for issues, and a Markdown editor (among other changes/fixes). Remember, beta means not-ready-to-be-released, so things can still change and there might be bugs.

If you’d like to become part of the Bugify Beta, and are willing to test new features, get in touch with us.

August 14, 2012

External Hook URL

If you would like to use a third-party service (like with Bugify, we’ve just made it easier. In fact, if there is any external service/script/tool that you’d like to run whenever changes are made to your tickets, now you can.

Introducing “External Hook URL”!

With this feature, Bugify can make a POST request to a URL of your choice whenever a change is made to an issue (e.g., new issue added, updated issue details, added comment etc). The POST request includes a single parameter named payload which contains a json encoded array of issue details – including the full issue details, and the history item that includes the change(s) just made.

This adds a whole new level of power to Bugify, and makes integrating with your favourite services even easier.

June 21, 2012

Permissions Overview

Watch the video for a quick overview of the new permissions system in Bugify.

May 7, 2012

How to properly log an issue

Logging issues (or defects) on your project are inevitable. Here is a quick guide to help you log your issue in a manner that helps the recipient of the issue to work most efficiently and reduces any back and forth that might waste your time. – via

April 10, 2012

API Explorer

To make learning the Bugify API even easier, we have just released the Bugify API Explorer.  The API Explorer lets you select an API method and execute it live.  You’ll be able to see the HTTP request, the response headers, and of course the response body.  We even give you a cURL command that you can copy and paste to your terminal to run the request yourself.

All requests are live, and use the Bugify Demo site (keep in mind that the data is reset every 30 minutes on the demo site).  You can use the API Explorer with your own Bugify site if you wish – just change the URL and API Key to your own.

Now it’s even easier to get started with the Bugify API.

March 27, 2012

Keyboard shortcuts issue

In the current stable version of Bugify (v1.1.378) there is a bug with keyboard shortcuts.  The shortcuts are only supposed to trigger when the cursor is not in an input box, but due to the bug, they are sometimes triggering when the cursor is inside an input box.  This has been fixed and will be included in the next update, but until then, for those of you who are experiencing the issue, you can follow the instructions below to fix it:

  1. Download this file and unzip it.
  2. Upload the combined.js file to your server and place it in the ./public/js folder.

You may need to clear your browser cache, but that should fix the issue. If you have any further questions please contact us.