May 14, 2014

[Guest Post] Turn customer support tickets into Bugify issues with SupportBee

Customer support emails are a great source of new product ideas, feedback on existing features and bug reports. If you have been creating issues based on the emails from your customers, you can now do it more easily using SupportBee, the easy to use customer support app.

Using SupportBeeā€™s Bugify App, you can send any ticket to Bugify and create an issue in a few clicks. If you have multiple projects in Bugify, you can select the project before sending the issue and also modify the issue title and description to help your development team understand the issue better.


The issue description contains a link to the SupportBee ticket so you can get back to it and reply to the customer once you have finished work on it.

If you have any feedback on this app or would like to see any additions to it, please tweet to us @SupportBee.