May 15, 2012

What’s happening

It’s been about a month since the last update to Bugify.  I’d like to have an update out every 2 to 3 weeks while the app is still reasonably young, but that didn’t happen this month sorry.  The biggest thing I’ve been working on lately is the new permissions system – which is not a simple addition.  The last thing I wanted was a bulky permissions system that slows the app down, so it’s a lot of work trying to get it right.  There have been a number of smaller fixes and updates to Bugify though, so I’ll aim to get a maintenance update out this week.

We’re always interested in hearing from potential beta testers.  Before we make an update available to everyone, it goes through in-house testing, then a beta release process.  By the time it goes to beta, it’s usually ready to ship, but sometimes our fantastic beta testers find issues that need fixing.  If you’re willing to install the beta versions of Bugify – before they’re made available to everyone – and most importantly, provide meaningful feedback on them, then please apply to be a tester by getting in touch.  If we end up using you, you’ll get a free download licence of Bugify for your troubles.

I also wanted to say thanks heaps to James, one of our fantastic customers, for his blog post about Bugify.  I love to hear from Bugify customers so please let us know if you have anything to say.

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