August 14, 2013

Bugify version 1.6.979 – Maintenance 1

This is the first maintenance release of v1.6


  • Fixes bug preventing MySQL tables from being created on new install.
  • Fixes ui/font bug with Markdown editor.
  • Fixes label cache after adding/editing label from Settings – Labels.
  • Fixes scroll bars on modal boxes (also fixes IE8 crashing bug).
  • When an issue is deleted, the labels are unlinked.
  • Updated German language file with new translations.
  • Updated Russian language file with new translations.
  • Added save_handler config option for sessions.

Remember – if you’re working on language files, or have any custom code – make sure to take a backup before updating! Backing up before updating is always a good idea.

August 5, 2013

Sending email notifications from Bugify

Previously, the only method of sending email notifications from Bugify was via SMTP. Since v1.6.970 it is now possible to send via sendmail (using the PHP mail function). This is going to be a welcome change for those of you on shared hosting where it’s just easier to use the built-in mail function rather than finding out the hosting company SMTP settings.

Sendmail is also now the default setting which means that if you would like to keep sending email notifications via SMTP you will need to change your mail settings. Please review your mail settings after updating by going to Settings – Mail Settings.

August 4, 2013

Bugify version 1.6.970 – Labels

This is a fairly major update! We’ve added support for labels (for issues), a Markdown editor, and the ability to @mention users in comments! (plus more).

You’ll also notice the new licensing area. Find out more about this change in our blog post here.

  • Added Markdown editor (can be turned off per user)
  • Added support for labels.
  • Added ability to @mention users in comments (only comments at this stage).
  • Added support for sendmail (choose between SMTP and sendmail).
  • Added ability for users to reset their own password.
  • Added option to turn off PHP-Lucene.
  • Added support for desktop notifications in Firefox.
  • Added more emails around user registration/approval.
  • Minor change to modal popup boxes.


  • Fixes issue where on some systems, inserting/updating data was causing an error.
  • Prevent access to /setup if config already exists.
  • Changed default permissions for new groups.
  • Hiding buttons when user doesn’t have permission to do something.
  • Fixes issue with set_time_limit when running in safe mode.
  • Fixes issue with project slugs being invalid.
  • Fixes issue with closed issues counts and deleted issues in archived projects.
  • Updated Russian language file.
  • Fixed issue with comment editing being double-escaped.
  • Fixes issues downloading attachments in IE over SSL.

Remember – if you’re working on language files, or have any custom code – make sure to take a backup before updating.