November 29, 2012

Bugify on Windows and Mac

We want to get Bugify working on Windows (and Mac) servers – ideally we’d like it to run on anything that can run PHP.  If you use Windows hosting (or have WAMP – or equivalent – setup) and would like to help out by testing Bugify then please get in touch.  We’re also looking for people who host on Mac servers – again, please get in touch.

If you’re willing to help out by testing, debugging, and reporting any issues you come across then we’d be very grateful, and would love to offer a free Bugify licence for your trouble.

Bugify version 1.4.619 – Maintenance release 2

This release fixes a permissions issue listing users through the API.  If you’re experiencing issues with the mobile app for some users, we recommend installing this update ASAP.

  • Fixed permissions issue listing users through the API
  • Began adding support for running Bugify in a sub-folder

This update fixes the bug talked about here.

November 27, 2012

Bug affecting mobile app

We are aware of a bug with the current version of Bugify (1.4.613) that is affecting certain actions in the mobile app.  The bug is related to permissions (users who don’t have permission to manage users will experience this issue).  When you try and list users in the mobile app, it will show an “Unknown error” message.

We have fixed the bug and will aim to have a maintenance release out later this week.  If you’re eager to have the fix, please contact us to join the beta program so you can access an update including the fix.

Sorry about this problem guys.

Update: This was fixed in v1.4.619

November 8, 2012

Bugify version 1.4.613 – Maintenance release 1

This release fixes a number of issues identified in the v1.4 release. This is the first maintenance release for v1.4 and we recommend you install the update asap.

IMPORTANT: This update will cause you to be logged out after updating (this is because the session files are now being stored in a new location). Please ensure Bugify has “write” access to all its own files.

  • Fixing issue with the rotate logs job spamming the queue if the job couldn’t finish.
  • Fixed cache issue with “users” view helper.
  • Changing location Bugify uses to store sessions and update files (this is a significant change).
  • Fixing issue with Markdown not formatting blockquotes correctly.
  • Fixed issue with API /auth method.
  • Fixed check for ZipArchive support (used for unzipping updates)
  • Fixed issue with related issues for users without access to those issues.
  • Increased git/hg revision length to 12 chars on display (stores whole hash in db)
  • Added new /tidy URL to perform post-update tasks and ensure the db is up-to-date
  • Added check for magic quotes (should be disabled).
  • Added support for auto-saving draft issues.


Session files and usage of /tmp

Previously, Bugify was storing session files in /tmp by default (it was possible to change in the config file).  Bugify also used /tmp when updating (it would download the update zip file to /tmp, unzip it in /tmp and copy the files from there).

Some web hosts restrict what can be done in /tmp, and this was causing issues for some Bugify customers.  Some customers experienced frequent log outs (due to the session files being removed from /tmp by a separate process), and others couldn’t use the auto-update system because their host restricts the number of files a user can store in /tmp – and unzipping the update went over the limit.

For these reasons, we are no longer using /tmp in Bugify.  Instead, we Bugify has its own “temp” folder within its own files.  Bugify will now (for future updates after this one) download the update zip to ./application/temp and unzip it there etc.  Sessions are now stored by default in ./application/temp/sessions.

Due to the session folder change, you will probably be logged out after updating to this version (because the session file was in /tmp and now Bugify expects it to be in ./application/temp/sessions).  So you will need to log back in.

Because of this change, it’s important that Bugify has write access to its own files.  It needs to be able to create the ./application/temp and ./application/temp/sessions folders (or you will need to manually create them).  This update will still be using /tmp, but for updates following this one, the new ./application/temp folder will be used.


Auto-saving draft

We also snuck in a new feature for automatically saving issues as you write them.  If you walk away, forget, lose your session etc, the next time you go to write an issue you’ll be offered to load the previously saved draft (or discard it).  Generally you wouldn’t notice this feature – it’ll only become apparent when you need it… when you were in the middle of writing a long issue, got distracted, then realised you must’ve lost the entire thing.

Drafts are saved every 5 seconds, and only if either the subject or description has some content.