October 30, 2012

Bugify version 1.4.597

This is a major update to Bugify!  We are really excited about this update, and all the new features it adds.  We recommend you update your install of Bugify today.

New features:

  • Added support for prettyprint (code syntax highlighting).
  • Added iOS Smart App Banner tag.
  • Added settings for default project/milestone/assignee for new issues.
  • Added desktop notifications.
  • Added links to download future updates for manual installs.
  • Added SCM integration (SVN/GitHub/Beanstalk).  Read about it here.
  • Added “from” address config for email notifications.
  • Added ability to re-activate archived projects.
  • Added queue job to rotate log file.
  • Added queue job to tidy up db (clears out old queue jobs).
  • Added comment box when changing issue status.
  • Added support for ordering in issue search results and filters.
  • Added: If “exec” is disabled, queue runs inline rather than in background.
  • Added: Auto-select users timezone when adding first user.
  • Added: iOS 6 supports file uploads – fixed attachments from mobile devices.

API changes:

  • Added ability to create users via the API.
  • Added ability to edit users via the API.
  • Added ability to list groups via the API.

Important notes:


  • Fixed issue with displaying issues created by users who have been archived.
  • Fix: Future updates shown more discretely.
  • Fix: Clearing issue cache after archiving project.
  • Fixing issue with API auth on php-cgi servers.
  • Fixed minor issue with relative dates.
  • Fix: Detecting php-cli binary path at install.
  • Fix: Saving URL scheme (http/https) in config – for emails sent from cli.
  • Fixed update available message for users without update permission.
  • Fixed various error messages to make them more friendly.
  • Fixed minor display issue with blockquotes.

Install the update through Bugify now, or manually install the update by following the instructions here.

Support site

We’ve finally setup a more useful support site to handle support requests and knowledge base articles/documentation.  Head over to http://support.bugify.com to have a look. At the moment, it only contains the FAQ’s that we had on bugify.com, but over time we’ll keep adding to it.

October 26, 2012

If you use Markdown in your projects, please read this

“I don’t want to extend Markdown by adding tons of crazy new functionality, or radically change the way it currently works, or anything like that. I’d be opposed to such changes. I just want to solidify and standardize the simple, useful version of Markdown that is working so well for everyone right now. I want there to be an unambiguous, basic standard that everyone using Markdown can expect to work when they begin typing.”

Jeff Atwood via Coding Horror

Read the full text here: http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2012/10/the-future-of-markdown.html.

October 19, 2012

Version 1.4 due out next week

We are hoping to have version 1.4 of Bugify released next week.  There are a couple of exciting new features in 1.4:

  • Desktop notifications
  • Git/SVN/hg etc integration

For those using Chrome or Safari, desktop notifications can be a useful way to keep up with changes as they happen.  If you have desktop notifications enabled in Bugify – and you have a tab open somewhere with Bugify loaded – then as other users make changes to tickets (anything that generates a “history” item), you’ll be notified with a little box like the one below:


One of the most exciting new features due in the next release though, is integration with source control systems like Git/SVN/hg/etc.  This is done through post-commit hooks that send the commit data to Bugify.  Bugify then processes the commit data and matches it to the appropriate tickets.  Commits are shown as a comment in a ticket (but they are shown slightly differently to a standard comment).  You can use your commit message to trigger actions against a ticket as well (like closing a ticket etc).

This is going to add a whole new level of usefulness to Bugify for some users!

Keep an eye out for the update next week.

Free download period ending 22nd October 2012

The free download promotion will be ending 22nd October 2012 in the AM (New Zealand time).  If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, head over to https://bugify.com to download Bugify now!

Update: The free download period has ended.

October 2, 2012

Bugify Hosted signups are closed

We have made the decision to close Bugify Hosted signups.  While we were getting a reasonable number of signups, we weren’t getting enough customers upgrading to a paid plan, so we would like to focus on the download version of Bugify.

Bugify Hosted will remain online until 31st December 2012, after which it will be shutdown.  We recommend downloading Bugify to run on your own server, and copying your issues over.

We understand this can be frustrating for some users, so to help out, we decided to offer Bugify for free, for a limited time.  Just head over to bugify.com to download Bugify for free.