August 14, 2012

External Hook URL

If you would like to use a third-party service (like with Bugify, we’ve just made it easier. In fact, if there is any external service/script/tool that you’d like to run whenever changes are made to your tickets, now you can.

Introducing “External Hook URL”!

With this feature, Bugify can make a POST request to a URL of your choice whenever a change is made to an issue (e.g., new issue added, updated issue details, added comment etc). The POST request includes a single parameter named payload which contains a json encoded array of issue details – including the full issue details, and the history item that includes the change(s) just made.

This adds a whole new level of power to Bugify, and makes integrating with your favourite services even easier.

Bugify version 1.3.525

This is the second maintenance update to the permissions release. It fixes a few issues related to permissions, and adds a couple of new features.


  • Clearing certain caches after login.
  • Fixes issue with updating your own details if you don’t have permission to manage users.
  • Only displays users in the same group(s) as yourself (unless you have permission to manage users).
  • Fixed display of history info in some circumstances.
  • New feature: Added ability to set default project categories (not currently available to hosted Bugify)
  • New feature: Added charts to overview page.
  • New feature: Added External Hook URL (more info here) (not currently available to hosted Bugify)