April 12, 2012

Bugify version 1.2.430

We have released a new version of Bugify!  This update includes some new features, so get updated now.

Below is a list of changes since the last version (1.1.378):

New Features:

  • Added support for uploading attachments through the API
  • Added support for following/unfollowing issues through the API
  • Showing when milestones are almost overdue etc
  • Added ability to view archived milestones and projects
  • New comments style
  • Added diff engine for displaying certain history changes as diffs

Other Changes:

  • Fixing various issues with the update system
  • Fixing some poor error messages in upgrade system
  • Fixed issue with keyboard shortcuts executing at the wrong time
  • Added keyboard shortcuts link in footer
  • Fixed display issue with progress bar graphs
  • Fixed some issues with UTF-8 characters in lucene on some systems
  • Search tweaks
  • Combining CSS files
  • Tidying up issue filters a bit (also added them permanently to the menu)
  • Milestones are now ordered alphabetically
  • Fixing issue with XML format for API
  • Fixed issue with archiving milestones
  • Fixed issue with projects/milestones with long names when adding an issue
  • Changed menu search to use issue filter interface so it has the full filter options

We will be releasing an update soon to the mobile app that allows you to take a photo and attach it to an issue – this requires the ability to upload attachments through the API (included in this release), so you’ll need to update your installation of Bugify before being able to use that feature.

Be sure to check out the new API Explorer, and if you’d like to update manually you will find some documentation here.

April 10, 2012

API Explorer

To make learning the Bugify API even easier, we have just released the Bugify API Explorer.  The API Explorer lets you select an API method and execute it live.  You’ll be able to see the HTTP request, the response headers, and of course the response body.  We even give you a cURL command that you can copy and paste to your terminal to run the request yourself.

All requests are live, and use the Bugify Demo site (keep in mind that the data is reset every 30 minutes on the demo site).  You can use the API Explorer with your own Bugify site if you wish – just change the URL and API Key to your own.

Now it’s even easier to get started with the Bugify API.