March 27, 2012

Keyboard shortcuts issue

In the current stable version of Bugify (v1.1.378) there is a bug with keyboard shortcuts.  The shortcuts are only supposed to trigger when the cursor is not in an input box, but due to the bug, they are sometimes triggering when the cursor is inside an input box.  This has been fixed and will be included in the next update, but until then, for those of you who are experiencing the issue, you can follow the instructions below to fix it:

  1. Download this file and unzip it.
  2. Upload the combined.js file to your server and place it in the ./public/js folder.

You may need to clear your browser cache, but that should fix the issue. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Announcing the Bugify Mobile app for iPhone

This morning the iPhone version of the Bugify Mobile app was approved by Apple and is available in the App Store. It’ll take a few hours before you can search for the app in the App Store, but if you follow this link, you can download it now.

The app is available for free. It’s the best way to interact with Bugify on a mobile. We hope you like it.

If you don’t have a Bugify site yet – you can still play with the app by connecting it to the Bugify Demo site. Use the following details:

Username: demo
Password: demo

March 20, 2012

Announcing the Bugify Mobile app for Android

Well, it turns out the Android version is being released before the iPhone version – and it’s not read-only, meaning you can add and update issues through the app!

The first iPhone version (that was originally going to be read-only) was not approved due to a link within the app to the website. So, we removed the link and uploaded the latest version of the app that happens to have the ability to add/update issues. So, when the iPhone app is approved it will start with the ability to create tickets!

If you have an Android phone though, head over to the Google Play Store now to download it for free.

If you don’t have a Bugify site yet – you can still play with the app by connecting it to the Bugify Demo site. Use the following details:

Username: demo
Password: demo

March 15, 2012

Bugify version 1.1.378

This is a maintenance update, and as always is highly recommended. The new Bugify mobile app requires this update, so if you’d like to be ready when the app appears in the App Store you should update now.

Below is a list of changes since the last version (1.1.342).

  • Minor colour changes, added new logo as favicon
  • Fixes to cli tools to give correct exit code
  • Added support for easily creating first user when there are none
  • Redirecting to overview after adding new ticket
  • Fixing bugs with API
  • Ordering issues by priority (highest to lowest)
  • Updated error page
  • Added ability to update and archive project categories
  • Moved update checking to cli script – is now async (won’t block interface if update server is down)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts (press “h” to bring up info)
  • Added “Issues in progress” sidebar to the “mine” issues page
  • After creating project, redirecting to project overview
  • Added ability to generate new API key for users (useful for revoking API access)
  • All emails are now UTF-8 encoded
  • Fixed issue where some timezones threw error because they weren’t supported on that server
  • Added print version of project overview page
  • Minor change to link colours
  • Attempting to fix issue with duplicate notifications being sent sometimes
  • Sending 503 http status code when in maintenance mode

For those who wish to update manually, please contact us for a link to download the latest version.

We are always working on improving Bugify and are aiming to include a couple of new features in the next update!

Bugify mobile version 1 is coming

We submitted the first version of the Bugify mobile app to the Apple App Store a couple of days ago. It will be iPhone-only at this stage (we are still working through some issues on Android phones), and aren’t planning on an iPad version at this stage (the Bugify web app works great on the iPad!).

This first version of the app is read-only – meaning you won’t be able to add/update issues with this version. We are hard at work on the next version that will include the ability to add/update issues.

Hopefully it will be approved within the next few days!

March 7, 2012

Bugify Mobile – Preview 1

Bugify Mobile

Bugify Mobile

Above is a quick preview of the Bugify mobile app that’s on its way. We are building the app with Sencha Touch and Cordova (PhoneGap), and will be releasing it on both iOS and Android.

Can’t wait to get the app finished!

Saved Filters

Another useful Bugify feature that’s not immediately obvious is the “Saved Filters” feature.

If you go to All Issues, and use the filter options on the right to show a filtered set of issues, you will see a “Save Filter” option. Give the filter a name, and you will see a new option under the Issues menu. This is a great way to quickly get back to a subset of your issues.

A couple of the filters we use are named “Issues not assigned to a project”, and “All issues in progress”. These are the sorts of filters that can save you a lot of time in your day-to-day work!

Naturally, all your saved filters are available through the API.

March 6, 2012


Welcome to the Bugify blog – we have migrated over the old posts from to make it a bit easier.

We will be posting updates to Bugify here, along with tips on how to make the most of Bugify, and other irregular Bugify-related posts.

Related issues in Bugify

One feature that’s not immediately obvious in Bugify is “Related Issues” (or “Issue Linking”). Sometimes you get a ticket that’s related to, or depends on another ticket. We didn’t like the way some issue trackers handle this with explicit “depends on”-type linking, and wanted a system that felt natural, simple, and required less effort.

To link an issue to another in Bugify, you simply need to reference the ticket in a comment, or in the issue description. For example, you could write “We need to get #123 finished first”. This would do two things: first, you would be able to click on the “#123” and go straight to that ticket, and second, Bugify would asynchronously scan the ticket for links to other tickets. When it finds a link from #456 to #123, it creates a “link” from both #456 to #123, and from #123 to #456 (reciprocal linking). You’ll see the related issues on the side bar, and if something’s not right, it’s a single click to remove the link (every time you update an issue, it will scan for links, so you’ll need to remove the reference to the other ticket if you don’t want the link added back in again). And, of course you can also access the list of related issues through the API.